Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ghost-ess with the Most-ess

Lululemon tank and shorts, Nike boxing shoes, Missoni bathrobe,
Title boxing gloves, Tory Burch belt, my pillow
Happy Halloween weekend! I might still go as the hot dog, but I've also considered this:


I would be a boxer or prize fighter with a pillow. Rocky won't know what hit him. I have a bright pink bathrobe, but that Missoni robe would be fierce. I would add boxing gloves and a Tory Burch championship belt.

Now that we have costumes picked out, it's time to move onto more important things. Like what sort of treats to serve at your Halloween party. You know I love cupcakes, so I might make a batch of these ghoulish guys.

Bake some of your favorite cupcakes. Then whip up some frosting. (This is my go-to recipe. If you don't want to use a vanilla bean, you can either leave it out or substitute another teaspoon of vanilla extract.) If that's too much hassle, I won't tell if you use frosting from a can.

Color small batches of frosting with food coloring to make the veins and spider webs. Pipe the frosting from a sandwich bag with the corner cut off. Use either M&M's or Skittles for the eyes and spiders. I used sprinkles as the spider webs.

The witches were really fun to make! (And yes, these pictures are from before I learned about food styling.) Color frosting light green for the face. I then piped purple frosting on for the hair. The eyes are chocolate chips and the nose is a piece of candy corn. Pop on an ice cream cone for the witch's hat and you're ready too boogie.

Recipe at Pearl of Wisdom
If you're feeling really daring, you should make these ghostly pavlovas. My friend Elisa has the recipe on her blog.

Have a spooky weekend! And check out the rest of the Friday's Fancies for more budget-less costume ideas.

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  1. Great costume idea!!! I love the bathrobe! And, I'm pretty sure I'd get sick from eating too many of the adorable cupcakes you made!

  2. Those cupcakes look wonderful!!!

    I'm visiting from Fridays Fancies blog hop and am your newest follower. I'd love for you to stop by my blog and follow back if you like!

    Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

  3. A pillow fighter is a super cute idea and I love the Missoni robe!

  4. goodness gracious--I think this may take the cake for the most creative Friday's Fancies ;) I love this easy + fun idea! so so happy to have you back this week...hope you had a fun weekend! xoxo {av}

  5. Those witches are SO cute! You are so creative :)


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