Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maxing Out

Over Easter, my Mom brought some vintage fabric from my Grandma's to share with me and my sister. We're talking fabric that's older than me. But you wouldn't know it based on some of the fabric I snagged. The neon pink polka dot is totally on trend. And the polka dots and gingham (not pictured) are classics. Even the black and white tropical pattern reminds me a bit of Kate Spade.

Which had me thinking. Between the curtains, purses, and pillow covers, I haven't tackled sewing an item of clothing yet. After a quick Google search, I found my first project.

This maxi skirt tutorial from Lorenna Buck.

anthro skirt

I can't wait to start! I wanted to sew either a skirt, shirt, or dress, but figured a skirt would be the easiest. Famous last words, right?

I'll check back in next year when it's done :) 

PS - I just found another maxi skirt tutorial that might be a little easier! Especially since I don't plan on working with silk chiffon the first time around.

Leanne Barlow of Elle Apparel has a super tutorial (with pictures!) on sewing a jersey maxi skirt. I might give this one a go with the brown fabric pictured above.

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  1. I have a few pieces of special. fabric from my grandma that I have yet to cut into. I want to be absolutely sure to find the perfect project!

    If you ever decide to start sewing with patterns, be sure to visit my blog. I did a little sew-along using Simplicity 2188, and hope to do another in the near future.


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