Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Kate Spade jewel bar stud earrings, Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale,
Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse slippers, Gap flannel shirt and cords

Now that Halloween has passed, I'm looking forward to the granddaddies of holiday baking: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anything that includes cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves are fair game. Though I won't turn down chocolate :)

To get into the holiday spirit, I'd love to hunt down my absolute favorite craft beer: Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale. The cinnamon, honey, and all around Christmas cheer can't be beat! It was released at the beginning of November, which tells me I'm not far off in my holiday musings. Good thing Great Lakes has a handy Beer Finder on their website!

As for my Friday's Fancies finery, I'd love to cozy up to a roaring fireplace wearing this outfit and with a frosty Christmas Ale in hand. And those mouse slippers? A touch on the pricey side, but too cute not to include!

Have a cozy weekend!

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  1. That beer sounds so delish!! I always love trying new ones!

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