Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hiding TV Cords and Cables

Hi there! How was your weekend? (Sure, it's Wednesday and almost time for the next weekend!) Mine was a bit on the DIY-heavy side. I had my first foray into dress-making. Sewing one for myself and a mini one for a friend with a baby girl on the way. No previews on either dress yet because I still need to tweak my dress and I don't want to spoil the surprise for my friend.

And let's not forget our upholstered ottoman! After months of on-and-off work, it's finally done! I'm putting together a comprehensive tutorial, so in the meantime, how about a quick DIY project we completed on New Year's Day?

Back in the fall, we bought a wall-mounted TV for our back room. We successfully mounted it to the wall, but were left with some pretty ugly cables. The big box electronics stores had some products that would mask the cords, but I wanted them completely gone.

WallBlade by Sewell, Recessed Wall Plate Cable Drop With Power

After some searching online, we found the Sewell Direct Wall Blade. In essence, it's an outlet that's hidden behind your TV with space for additional cables to be fed behind the wall. It's wired to another "outlet" at the bottom which allows you to connect to an existing power source.

The tutorial didn't seem too daunting, so we put the Wall Blade on our Christmas list. Yes, we lived with the ugly cables for several months.

Here's an "in process" before shot. We checked for our wall studs using my favorite tool, the stud finder ;) Once we located the studs, we marked out where the wall boxes would be installed.

Once John cut out the holes for the Wall Blade, we found a little surprise:

We knew the back room was added on at a later date, so it was fun to see the exterior walls. What we didn't expect was that the brick was painted white. My guess is that they kept the brick wall when the back room was added, but then covered it with drywall when getting the house ready to sell.

Like the old Tootsie Roll commercial, "...the world may never know."

Back to the matter at hand. Here's how things were shaping up once we installed the Wall Blade. This picture is missing one of the cords, but we easily added it later.

And here's the final picture! Though it looks like we traded TV cables for a little extra clutter. Just keeping it real for the Internets :)

Have a great week!

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  1. Love it!! Once we get a wall mounted tv I will have to look into getting some of these.

  2. Looks great! I wish Rob and I could be as handy around the house as you two are. :)


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