Friday, August 9, 2013

Inspired by Tomatoes

Earrings, Tomato Tote, Sandals, Lace Top, Shorts

Friends....we have a situation on our hands. And that would be the obscene amount of tomatoes coming from our garden. Yes, we partially brought it on ourselves with the four cherry tomato plants. Between those and the plants that randomly popped up from last year's tomatoes and the compost we have more tomato plants than I'd care to count.

In addition to sharing our bumper crop, we've been preparing all sorts of tomato-heavy dishes: caprese salad (I'd also love to try this version with peaches), caprese burgers, roasted veggie pasta, and Mediterranean quinoa. Also on the list of recipes to try are Portillo's chopped salad (so what if the tomato is more of a garnish?), linguine with clams and blistered tomatoes, and a tomato tart.

Help a girl out. Do you have a favorite tomato recipe to share?

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  1. No special recipe, but have you thought of making and canning tomato sauce? That way you could enjoy fresh tasting tomatoes well into the winter! Mmmmm :) And send me some when you're done.


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