Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Caulk it Up as a Win

How's everyone doing? Hopefully keeping warm. All sorts of snow fell on the Midwest over the weekend and it seems like the cold temperatures are dipping south. Which leads me to a follow-up tip for the Chicago winter survival guide. Weather stripping your windows! What, you were expecting something a little more exciting?

Our apartment building is probably 100+ years old and the windows don't have an airtight seal. A cheap and easy way to fix that is using rope caulk. It's like a giant roll of the sticky tack you used to hang Justin Timberlake posters in your high school bedroom.

Here are the easy to install instructions:
  1. Clean and dry surfaces.
  2. Peel off the number of strands of rope caulk necessary to fill the crack.
  3. Press in place with fingertips for tight seal.
That's it!

The box said it should seal 6 "average" windows. John and I caulked about 4 windows using a 90 foot roll, but ours are a little on the tall side. The rope caulk comes in white and brown (at least at our local Ace Hardware) and the 90 foot roll cost about $7.

Do you have any tips for winter-proofing your home?
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