Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pour Some Sugar on Cookies

Hopefully by the time you read this post, I will have finally started my Christmas baking. It seems like the oven isn't completely out of commission. We used it on Tuesday night and it seemed to work just fine without the outer glass panel. The panel appears to be decorative and used as a counterweight for the oven door. The inner window is still intact and everything is properly insulated.

So back to more important things. Christmas cookies! John had previously requested sugar cookies with colored sugar sprinkled on the top. I wasn't about to shell out the big bucks for tiny containers of red and green sugar. And you shouldn't either since you probably have everything you need to make your own. Or if you don't, the supplies will still cost you less than the little tubes of colored sugar. It's also perfect if you want to make custom colors.

(Yes, another gratuitous picture with the Christmas tree)
-White sugar
-Liquid food coloring (I used McCormick, nothing fancy)

-Pour some sugar in a plastic bag.
-Drip some liquid food coloring on the sugar in your color of choice. Try two or so drops at a time.
-Zip up the bag and shake vigorously for about 1 minute. Also try squishing and kneading the bag with your fingers to get the color evenly distributed.
-Adjust color with additional food coloring and repeat if the color is too light.

I made about a half cup of red sugar using approximately 8 drops. A half cup of green sugar needed about 5 drops of food coloring.

Then you can decorate cookies (or cupcakes) to your heart's content :)

What's your favorite Christmas cookie?
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  1. That's awesome! I had no idea you could do that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I didnt know you could do that either! I love the lemon bars that we get for Christmas from a friend.

  3. I know! It's a pretty cool tip. I read it somewhere a while back (can't remember where) and put it to good use when I wanted to decorate cookies.

  4. I'm all for saving money with style. Glad you posted on Smitten Kitchen.


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