Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flowers = Happy

I was thinking about writing a serious post, but this crummy weather has me in the grumps. One good remedy for that is a post about happy and pretty things. Like this table I designed over the weekend :)

In addition to my fabric buying extravaganza on Saturday, I made a quick field trip to Trader Joe's. Picked up a few things for dinner of portobello mushrooms, tofu sausage, and pasta in a white wine sauce as well as two dozen flowers ($10). One dozen pink ranunculus and one dozen white tulips. Chicago has been unseasonably cold (it even snowed on Monday!) so flowers are a nice reminder that it's actually Spring.

Plus, Easter is right around the corner. I could see this table working well for an Easter or Mother's Day brunch. Bring out your nice china or even mismatched plates for a more casual look. We'll be spending Easter with John's family, so we've been enjoying the flowers during breakfasts and dinners.

The runner is a folded tablecloth from Crate and Barrel and no longer available online. I purchased it from the Outlet for $60. It's probably twice as large as this table, so I might cut it down and use the remaining fabric for something else. Or maybe we'll get a larger table....haha! The white vases were picked up from Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul for $1 or $2 each. The blue vase is from Ikea ($5) and the mason jar once held salsa. Wine glasses, napkins and silverware are also from Crate and Barrel. Can you tell that we registered there?

I hope everything is going well for you. Hopefully the weather is a little better where you're at. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. That also adds some sparkle to my day.
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  1. Very pretty, especially the tablecloth. Flowers make me happy too!

  2. Lovely... flowers on the table instantly make it feel special.

  3. Flower on the table make every meal a little more special. Lovely


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