Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Glitter Penguins

...or whichever animal your little heart desires. My favorite animal happens to be the penguin, so my heart desired a glittery penguin.

After Saturday's post on all things sparkle + shine, I was inspired to bring some extra Christmas cheer to our house. I stopped into Michael's while Christmas shopping for a few crafting supplies. And penguins.

  • Plastic animals found near the kids crafting section. Mine were $5.99 and $2.99.
  • Martha Stewart glittering glue: $3.99
  • Martha Stewart glitter in yellow gold: $4.99
Total (with tax): $19.12. Would have been less had I remembered to bring a coupon.

By the way, Martha has glitter available in every color under the sun! Don't feel limited to silver or gold!

Once you've covered your work area in newspapers or an old LL Bean catalog, brush on a smooth, even coat of glittering glue. (The Martha Stewart glittering glue came with a brush.) I worked in small areas to make sure the glue didn't dry before glittering. You could also apply glue to the entire animal, except where you are holding it.

Liberally pour glitter over the entire animal, making sure to cover every area that has been brushed with glue.

Shake the excess onto your paper.

Once the rest of the animal is dry, brush glue over the remaining part of the animal and glitter away!

Pour the excess glitter back into the bottle for future projects.

You now have some budget-friendly and festive decorations to add to your mantle, tablescapes, and shelves. If you'd like to make them into Christmas tree ornaments, simply screw small eyelets into the top of the animal. These are also perfect for last minute hostess gifts or small Christmas presents.

Note: I've noticed some excess glitter still falling off my penguins, so I might look into getting some glitter sealer. A can of Krylon Glitter Blast sealer is about $5.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my Friday Fancies! :) I don't know how to reply directly to e-mail, so I figured I'd come by & check out your blog & oh my gosh I have been wishing that I had more free time because I wanted to make some of these sparkly animals!!!!!! I think they are such fun Christmas/holiday decorations!!! And I love anything glittery! Happy holidays!! :)

  2. ooh i love these cathy!! they are the penguins from happy feet right? so creative to put gold glitter on them perfect! and definitely affordable

  3. How crazy is this!? I just found this photo

    They could be a glitter penguin family!

  4. Oh gosh, these are adorable! This is such a simple idea but so cute!

  5. SO cute! cool and simple idea. I love it!


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