Monday, March 19, 2012

Do Clothes have an Expiration Date?

Over the past few months, I've noticed that some of my clothes are looking "tired." Or a little beat up. A black T-shirt from college (I graduated in 2006) is now a strange shade of black-brown. And a few long-sleeved button downs from when I started working in 2007 have started to tear around the armpits (yes, my muscles are that big....ha!)

At the same time, I have some favorite pieces that have treated me really well as I've taken good care of them. My perfect 2006 black pencil skirt from The Limited. The silk cashmere top I wore on our first date in 2005. And how about the flirty skirt I bought in 2007 while on vacation in Boston and Rhode Island with my family?

It hit me last week when I wore all three of those pieces: I've done pretty well filling my closet with classics that have managed to stand up to the rigors of accounting. Oh, and fashion :)

But eventually these pieces will also start to fray. I'll probably never get rid of the first date top, but when do you know it's OK to say "goodbye" to a favorite and replace it with something new? Even though I've received years of use from something, it's a little hard to let go of that item and buy its replacement. For example, it takes time to find something like the perfect black pants.

I've since replaced the black T-shirt (thank goodness for the Gap!) and will eventually buy a few new button downs. Until then, I'll keep Joelle's list of classics for a lady's closet in mind as well as my list of considerations when adding to my wardrobe. Both important lists now that spring fashion is in full swing!
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