Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Favorite Word and Other Sundry Items

Who wants to balance all the finance talk with something personal? Yea, me too.

And thanks to Marie for the digital kick in the pants. Life it too short to sit around and count dolla dolla bills. How about we talk about fun things?

my bearded pigeon hangry pillow cover

Like this pillow cover. And my new favorite word: hangry. I don't remember which I discovered first, but I'm a huge fan of decor with a sense of humor. And wordplay. Oh, and puns. If you're wondering, yes, I get a little rage-y if I haven't eaten in a while.

As proud as I was sewing my own curtains, the colors just weren't right for the green walls in the back room. Hanging as curtains, the fabric seemed dull and blah. I've come to realize I'm more of a brights and whites kind of person. I want bold color in the house. Like our new Ikea curtains. Every time I see them, I smile. I don't know what I'm going to do with the yellow curtains yet. Maybe sell them or use them in another room.

Speaking of brights, I also really love this new Marimekko fabric I'm working with. It's colorful. It's happy. It reminds me of sunny, summer weather.

Speaking of warm weather, our rose plants are starting to show signs of life! We never got around to pruning them during the fall, so I'm glad to see that we haven't killed them yet.

I've been falling behind on my plan to workout three times a week. But this week is on track because I went to Zumba on Saturday and ran outside on Sunday. 4 miles. In shorts. I seriously can't remember the last time I ran outside or for 4 miles....yikes!

I've been informed by my aunt that I need to share recipes other than desserts. Good thing I have some tasty pizza to share. The crust is from scratch using spent grain. Recipe to come soon. You're welcome, Aunt Mary.

So that's what's new with me! What's new with you? Anyone adding bright colors to their house? Or getting outside to enjoy the warm weather?
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  1. Hangry... one of the girls I used to work with introduced me to that word! I totally get that way if I haven't eaten in awhile.


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