Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Personalized Touch

I don't know if I'll share all of Monica's birth story on the blog (spoiler alert: I wound up having a C section), but I do have a funny little story to share about my labor.

In 2010, I ran the Chicago Marathon. My parents, sister, and John cheered for me throughout the whole race while wearing matching shirts made by my family's company, CCAP Enterprises, that said, "GO CATHY GO!"

John still has his shirts and occasionally wears them around the house. As my due date approached, I joked that it would be funny if he and/or my family wore the "GO CATHY GO!" shirts to the hospital to help cheer me through labor.

During the week following my due date, I went in for a nonstress test to make sure Monica was still healthy. Her heart rate was great, but the amniotic fluid level was low. So they admitted me and made plans to induce labor. John was at work, so I called to tell him to get his butt to the hospital. When he walked into my hospital room (after a quick stop at home), what was he wearing? A"GO CATHY GO!" shirt!

This isn't the first time CCAP was involved in one of our significant life events. We ordered personalized cocktail napkins for our wedding reception and monogrammed CoasterStone wedding favors from CCAP:

In addition to this small sampling, CCAP can provide you with all forms of custom-decorated apparel and a wide selection of promotional products and logo merchandise. They've worked on small individual projects, as well as large corporate orders. First hand, I can tell you that CCAP's service and turnaround times are top notch and their prices are competitive. They'll help you find the highest quality item for your price point or find a specific item at a great price.
As a sponsor of Fiscally Chic, CCAP is offering a 10% discount on your first order. Think of the savings for your wedding, small business, or bachelorette party you're planning. Just mention Fiscally Chic when you contact Paul.

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