Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three Years of Blogging

Hi, friends! It's a day late, but yesterday marked three years of blogging at Fiscally Chic. Heck, it's anniversary month around these parts. In addition to Fiscally Chic's birthday, last week was the second anniversary of my Etsy shop and Friday will be our fifth wedding anniversary!

At my second blogging anniversary, I wanted to focus on the "big wins" of creating wealth, organizing your finances, and writing about other financial moves that give a bigger return on your time investment than cutting back on lattes. While I succeeded with posts like financially preparing for a baby, buying a new car, and negotiating cable and Internet bills, I also noticed a surge in traffic on my DIY posts. The biggest being sewing curtains with a hidden tab top. Is that something you want to see more of?

A new subject matter also creeped into my blogging line-up this past year: pregnancy and babies! I don't plan on turning Fiscally Chic into a mommy blog, but Monica is a huge part of my life now and it's only natural to occassionally blog about baby-related things.

That being said, this coming year will be more about setting priorities and figuring out how to balance everything: family, personal time, work, blogging, my Etsy shop, and the like. So what does that mean for Fiscally Chic? I'll be taking my time to write quality posts and be gentle on myself if I only have time to blog once a week.

To help celebrate Anniversary Month, I'm having a sale in the shop! Use coupon code "ANNIVERSARY15" for 15% off all purchases through September 15, 2013.
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