Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Easy Duvet Cover Update

It's been a little while since I shared a DIY project, no? Let's remedy that with an easy update to a duvet cover or comforter. Truth be told, I first completed this project over four years ago. The ribbons were starting to fall off, so I decided to clean things up a little and share this project with you!
  • Duvet cover or comforter (I bought this light-weight comforter at Target over four years ago)
  • Ribbon, cut to the length and width (plus a few inches) of your duvet cover or comforter
  • Ultrahold HeatnBond, slightly thinner than the width of your ribbon
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Before starting, be sure to pre-wash, dry, and iron your duvet cover or comforter.

Next, one of the most important steps of this entire project is to measure the length and width your duvet cover or comforter. I'd do it twice just to be sure. This determines how much ribbon and HeatnBond you need.

One you have your measurements, add a few inches. One, because you'll be folding under the ends of the ribbon for a finished look. And two, because the duvet cover or comforter might stretch out a little while ironing on the ribbon.

Pre-heat your iron to medium heat (wool) setting without steam.
Fold the starting end of the ribbon under 1/2 inch. Place the HeatnBond adhesive-side down/paper side up on the back of your ribbon. Lightly press and hold the iron on the paper side of the adhesive for 2 seconds. Move down the ribbon and repeat until the entire length is bonded.

Go back to the starting end of the ribbon. There will be a loop where you folded under the end of the ribbon. Cut a small piece of the HeatnBond, remove the paper backing, and slide the tiny piece of adhesive into the loop. Lighly press and hold the iron on that section for 2 seconds.

Once the HeatnBond-ed ribbon is cool, peel off the paper backing.
Measure where you will iron the ribbon onto your duvet cover or comforter (i.e. 6 inches from the edge, 3 inches from a second ribbon, etc.). You can pin down the ribbon or recheck the measurements as you iron.

With the adhesive-side of the ribbon down on the comforter or duvet cover, press and hold the iron for 8 to 10 seconds on each section of the ribbon until the entire length of the ribbon is bonded to the duvet cover or comforter. Be sure to start with the looped end of the ribbon.

If you want to do a basket weave pattern, be sure to iron down the appropriate pieces of ribbon first, then overlap as necessary.

Once you get to the other end of the duvet cover or comforter, loop under the end of the ribbon 1/2 inch. You'll need to cut another small section of the Heatnbond. Peel off the paper backing and place the adhesive between the ribbon and duvet cover or comforter. Press and hold the iron for 8 to 10 seconds

Continue ironing your ribbons until your pattern is complete!

This is a great project to customize a plain duvet cover or comforter. You could also use this same technique to embellish simple curtains or basic pillow covers.

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  1. Isn't ribbon expensive? Assume a 96 inch square queen comforter... that's 3 yards * 4 = 12 yards for just one run of ribbon. If you use 4 different colors/layers that's 48 yards - at a $1.00 a yard = that's $50.00. You could just buy a new "bed in a bag" for that much. Not to say this isn't a nifty idea... just that it might not be all that 'frugal' unless you have access to a whole lot of ribbon for free...

    1. I'm going to politely disagree. I just did a quick search on Amazon for "grosgrain ribbon." The first result is for 25 rolls of 7/8 inch wide ribbon. Each roll is 5 yards. The total is $25 for 125 yards of ribbon or $0.20/yard. 48 yards would be $9.60.

      If you want ribbon that's 3/8 inch wide, 125 yards is $18 or $0.14/yard. 48 yards is about $7.

      I used 7/8 inch and 3/8 inch wide ribbon for this project. Thicker ribbon obviously costs more.

      And if you don't need 125 yards of ribbon, a full-price 6-yard spool of 7/8 inch wide grosgrain ribbon from Joann Fabric is $3.50 ($0.58/yard). If you wait to buy the ribbon on sale or use a coupon, the price will come down a bit more.

    2. I live in a HCOLA - so ribbon at the local joann/micheal/hancock is usually closer to $1 a yard even with a coupon. :(

      Thanks for the Amazon reference! There are definitely better prices there!

      It IS a nifty project!


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