Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Wedding Looks

Hi, friends! Wedding season is upon us! While we only have one wedding on our calendar thus far, I was having so much fun creating a wedding guest outfit that I put together three for you! Since I absolutely love using Rent the Runway* (I rented dresses for the last two weddings we attended), each dress and some of the accessories are available through RTR.
Earrings, Clutch, and Dress via Rent the Runway, Wedges
The first outfit was inspired by my sister-in-law. She rented this very dress for a black tie wedding and looked gorgeous. While the wedding we'll be attending isn't this formal, it's fun to dream and hopefully inspire you.
Necklace and Dress via Rent the Runway, Clutch, Pumps
I'd say that this dress and ensemble is a little closer to what I'll actually wear to our friends' wedding. It's less formal than the pink dress, but still dressed up. I also love the colors and pattern of the dress. And that peek of pink on the pumps? Such a fun surprise!

Necklace and Dress via Rent the Runway, Clutch, Wedges
Finally, here's what I might wear if we were invited to an outdoor wedding. A bit more casual, but the necklace dresses things up. And the wedges will ensure that I don't sink into the ground while walking.
What will you be wearing to a summer wedding?
*No, this isn't a sponsored post, I just really like RTR. If you also have a wedding on the calendar and are looking for a lovely dress at a lovely price, you can sign up through my Rent the Runway referral link, and we'll both get $20 off our next orders. Muchas gracias!
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  1. My friend who also was maid of honor stumbled upon this place, a hidden gem, and we popped over right away to see if it had possibilities. On first look and we knew it was perfect.


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