Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Toolbox Essentials for the New Homeowner

It's summertime, which means DIY projects and household improvements are filling people's weekend "to do" lists. The summer is also a prime time to buy a new house, which means you need to be prepared for repairs. If you're in either of these camps, you'll enjoy today's post sponsored by Gotstock.

What’s in Your Toolbox?
Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house, you should have a few basic tools on hand to tackle simple household repairs. This isn’t about being an HGTV DIY expert; it’s just about being reasonably self-sufficient.

Think about whether you would be able to deal with an emergency. If you don’t have to the tools to do this; you need to make a trip to the hardware store. This applies to both the ladies and gentlemen. 

What is the Best way to Acquire Tools?
There are ready-equipped tool kits on the market which give you access to a variety of different sizes and types of tools. The problem is that the majority are not cheap, and you may not need all of the items in the kit.

The best time to buy the very basic tools is when you first start running your own home. Then as you go on, you can acquire, rent, or borrow extra materials as jobs require them. So what are the essentials?

These tools are probably the most essential of the essentials. Whether it’s changing an outlet or putting together furniture; a screwdriver always comes in handy. It's useful to have a selection of screwdrivers for different sizes and types of screws (i.e. flathead vs. Phillips head). A really small screwdriver is also helpful to tighten a loose screw on a pair of glasses or sunglasses; check out Gotstock for more on this.

Claw Hammer
You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a hammer, you just need one that will do the job. This is pretty essential for a lot of basic household DIY tasks such as hanging a picture frame. A claw hammer also allows you to remove nails to take down furnishings in your home.

Wrench Set
Again, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on wrenches, but make sure that they can withstand a fair amount of pressure. You don’t want to leave a bolt unscathed and bend the wrench instead.

Cordless Drill
If you're going to put shelves or curtain rods up, you're going to need a few holes and anchors in the wall. A cordless drill is the best way of doing this. Being cordless reduces the risk of tripping, but you still have to be really careful that you use it correctly.

You hope you never have to do it, but unblocking a toilet is easy with a plunger. Tie a plastic bag tightly over the end and plunge with vigor; the toilet will be unblocked in no time.

Yes, it is a bit big to fit in a toolbox, but it is an essential item for completing a lot of jobs in the home. Something as simple as putting a shade on a light, is a lot easier and safer when done off a stable ladder instead of a chair.

Other helpful tools include a measuring tape, level, box cutter, pliers, and safety glasses.

Be Careful with Storage
Storing tools safely is common sense, but sometimes people are in a hurry and items get left around the home. If this happens, a child might pick up a tool and do damage to the house, or worse to themselves. Ladders are also very important to be aware of. Never store them where there is a significant chance that they can be knocked and toppled over.

A tool box or tool chest is ideal for storing tools, but at the very least, you need to make sure that they are protected and dry. This will ensure that you have a useful set of tools to use for many years.
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