Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 random facts

A couple weeks ago, Stephanie sent me a blog award. (Thanks!) Since work is a little crazy, I thought today would be a good opportunity to cash in the post and share 7 random facts about myself. Hope you find these entertaining on a Tuesday :)

 1. Even though I'm a foodie, I'm weird about tomatoes. I don't like them raw or on salads. I'll order them on sandwiches, but pull them out about half way through. Yet I like salsa, bruschetta, tomato sauce, and ketchup.

Here's a picture of my Dad and me at an open water swim meet
2. I've broken 3 bones. My right collar bone when I was 4. My left wrist when I was 6. And my right thumb when I was 15. While swimming.

3. I have a mild obsession with pink shoes. Current count: 4 pairs. Peep toes from our wedding, sneakers from London, flats for work, and sandals for warm weather.

4. I have a maybe-not-so-secret desire to own a bakery. And I love wedding cakes. A few years ago I saw a collection of Wendy Kromer wedding cakes and just about died. Wendy is an editor of "Martha Stewart Weddings" and is the co-author of "Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes." Yes, I'm a proud owner of the book.

5. I was a cheerleader in 6th grade. Enough said. And no pictures.

Devil dog from the family I stayed with in Madrid

6. I'm kind of afraid of dogs, especially small yippy ones. I had a traumatizing experience with an evil toy poodle as a kid.

7. My first car was a green 2000 VW Passat named Jalepeno. That picture is a newer version of my car.

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  1. I'm weird about certain food too. For instance, I can eat raw onions, but hate the texture of cooked onions. I know...weird!

  2. You were a cheerleader in 6th grade? Bummed that you won't share at least one picture.

  3. Thanks SO much for passing along the award! It's been fun to see your blog evolve and grow... I especially loved your #4 fact :)

  4. I have the same tomato issues. Hate them raw, but could eat my weight in marinara!

    I think they taste like dirt or something.

  5. I'm oddly picky about tomatoes too. I only like them raw if they're finely diced, and only in pasta salad, not salad with lettuce (though I will happily eat huge pieces of tomato in Greek salad). I'll eat them on maybe half the sandwiches I order. But I'll happily add a can of diced tomatoes to soup or chili. And I love salsa, tomato sauce, and ketchup. I realize it's crazy, but tomatoes are just . . . special. (Sometimes in the eat-paste kind of way.)

    But they are really pretty.

  6. Stephanie - Me too! Obviously :)

    Maddy, S.E.Minegar, and Lisa - Glad I'm not the only one who is weird about certain foods. I think it's a texture thing for me and the tomatoes.

    Kati - Sorry to disappoint! Maybe we can find some cheerleader pictures when we stay with my family in May.

    Melissa - You're welcome! It's been fun to follow along with you too. Interested in opening a bakery with me?

  7. Because your blog has been so inspirational, you have been given a Stylish Blogger Award! Stop over at my blog to find out all the details!
    The Happy Mother


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