Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Hello, there! How was your weekend? After several weekends out of town, it was nice to be home and relax. Though I didn't sit around the whole time. Here are some weekend highlights:

Our couches were delivered! I showed pictures to some coworkers and one commented that the room looks very J.Crew. I'm not sure how J.Crew it looks, but I think it's simple and elegant with a twist.

Next is the gallery wall and finally picking out an accent chair. We'll also need more lighting and side tables. 

John picked our first zucchini! And he got new glasses. I think he looks pretty cool :)

The watermelons are starting to get bigger! It rained the last three days, so maybe we'll be able to enjoy one soon. 

We used the zucchini in "homemade" pizza. The herb and garlic pizza dough is from Trader Joe's, but the produce is from our garden: our first tomato, basil, and oregano. There's also some leftover salami instead of pepperoni. We made the pizza on the grill and definitely have room for improvement.

To end the weekend on a high note, I made homemade donuts!!!

As you may have heard, Borders is going out of business and they're starting to liquidate their inventory. We stopped by one on Friday afternoon and I picked up a new cookbook: Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts Reinvented. One of the very first recipes in the book is for Farm Stand Buttermilk Donuts. There are also some tasty looking cakes, scones, tarts, and cookies. John asked if I could make the donuts, so I gave them a whirl.

I made a half batch and they were amazing! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Some were enjoyed au natural and others were dipped in cinnamon sugar. Maybe I should quit my job and make donuts full time :)

What would you do as a job if money wasn't a concern?

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  1. Those donuts are killing me! I want one right now! My dream job...there are so many, but I'll pick event coordinator for right now!!

  2. I'm having blossom rot issues with my tomatoes. Those bad storms really messed them up. Boo. But Ive got tons of lettuce. Lots of summer salads.


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