Friday, July 22, 2011

Basil Beauty

Kemp and Co shirt dress, Toms sunglasses, Urban Outfitters cuff,
Toms wedges, Green Goddess earrings from One Sydney Road

It seems to be a gardening and herb themed week, so why not make my Friday’s Fancies post related to herbs and gardening? How about a stylish, yet impractical gardening outfit? Nah. What about a outfit to wear to a picnic that matches the freshness of the herbs in the dishes to be served? Yes, that's more like it.

And as promsed, here are some tips for growing crazy, big basil.

Since my Dad is my gardening expert, I’ll share his straight-forward tip first: Make sure you water your herbs and vegetables! We try to water our plants daily, especially when the temperature is in the 80's and 90’s. It’s better to water your plants in the morning or in the evening so there’s less of a chance that the water will evaporate before getting to the plants’ roots. Don't drench them, just give them a good soak.

Dad also suggests using Miracle Grow plant food once a week. We haven’t been doing that consistently, just when we remember.

I think the biggest tip for growing bushy basil, as opposed to tall and gangly basil, is picking it properly and often. As you can see in the picture, basil has one central stalk, and then branches out into intermediate stalks. Instead of picking individual leaves, just snip off the entire portion of the plant right above where new shoots are growing. Those small shoots will grow and multiply into bigger stalks.

Now, onto our chiffonade tutorial. I learned how to chiffonade by watching the Food Network. Probably Giada de Laurentiis if we’re getting specific. With some quick knife work, you can make your basil look very pretty.

First, stack the basil leaves. I like to have the largest leaf on the outside since you’ll be rolling everything up.

Now, roll the leaves up like a basil cigar.

Roll it tightly!

While holding the basil bundle, start to make perpendicular slices. Make the slices as thin or thick as you like.

Once you’ve sliced the whole bundle, fluff and untangle the basil.

Now you have pretty ribbons of basil to garnish pasta, use in bruschetta, or add to Cucumber Salad! This technique also works well for mint or other flat leaf herbs.

What are you doing this weekend? I'll probably be playing in the garden and our couches are scheduled to be delivered!

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  1. i love your friday fancies outfit. i esp. love the toms! i never knew they had peep-toe wedges!

  2. I love the outfit! That dress & those earrings are so cute!

  3. great outfit, very simple with the accessories but definitely isn't too simple, just enhances the beauty of the lwd. thanks for the tips on getting the basil in ribbons i have always wanted to know how to do that, thanks for sharing!

  4. I killed our basil last year...I'll try again next year with your tips!

  5. Love that dress paired with those Toms wedges! Such a casual chic outfit. Stopping by from Friday's Fancies and a new follower!



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