Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Refi Update!

Remember how I said we're refinancing our mortgage? And that I would share the juicy details?

The time has arrived! We just scheduled our closing!!!!! 4% refi, baby!

In addition to writing about the refi in the coming weeks, I'm also thinking about writing a quick series covering blogging and taxes, since we all know it's tax season. Do you have any questions in particular?

PS - I'm happy to report that I hit chambray outfit #3. I layered it underneath a dress and wore it to work. Since I hit outfit #3 in less than a week, this purchase is fiscally chic approved!
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  1. Oooh, tax question. If you sell a house for less than what it was originally purchased at, do you have to pay any taxes on the cash settlement? :)

  2. I would be all over that series. I've still been avoiding them since we talked awhile back at blog brunch. I'm not usually a tax avoider, but the whole blogging isn't my job but its bringing me jobs is weird to me. And what do I do if the income I'll be making is in 2012? What can I write off for 2011?

    Hugs. You were super helpful at blog brunch BTW.


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