Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

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Thank goodness it's Friday! It's been another bananas week and I can't wait to enjoy a little relaxation and Zumba over the weekend. Especially since we're in the homestretch of refinancing our mortgage!

To send us into the weekend, here are a few Valentine's Day favorites from Etsy. I showed John the craft brew card and he joked that he should get it for me. And I certainly wouldn't mind some fresh peonies or macarons :)

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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  1. i love the 'you are so loved' print :)

  2. i really like that 'let love rule' print :) xx

  3. Such cute ideas - then again Etsy always does seem to have them!

  4. Etsy is so fun! I could spend all day on their just browsing.

    Happy Weekend girl!


  5. Cute Valentine's day gift ideas! And oooh I'm jealous... I miss belonging to a gym & going to Zumba all the time! Its the funnest exercise I've ever done by far! :)

    Have a fun weekend!
    Nicole Rene

  6. Love your selections of valentine pieces, they are all darling! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Twirling Clare

  7. yay for your refi--and for the weekend! I'm dreaming of macarons now, thanks to you ;) happy weekend, my love! xoxo {av}


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