Monday, June 18, 2012

The Garden of Eatin'

While I miss certain things about living in the city (walking everywhere! easy public transportation!), there are a few things about having a home that I love. One of the big ones is having a large herb and vegetable garden.

Last year's garden was a huge success, especially the zucchini! But we also had a few duds: the tomatoes took forever to ripen and we never enjoyed a pepper.

This year, we decided to try a few new things. And considered our neighbor's thought process of growing vegetables that are more expensive to buy in the store. Case in point, tomatoes. Those babies can be $1-2/lb for basic beefsteak, let alone buying cherry, organic, or heirloom varieties. On the other hand, the grocery store practically gives away zucchini.

Our little "farm" is currently growing beefsteak and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and a few rogue spaghetti squash that snuck into our compost. We also planted a boatload of basil and sage. And of course I can't forget the dill, mint, and chives shared by our parents' gardens and the crazy oregano from last year's garden. The hops are also taking off!

And since I like numbers, here's a cost breakdown comparing what we purchased at Home Depot (or was shared) vs. the local grocery store:

Based on the mojitos we enjoyed last weekend and the pesto on the menu for this week, I don't think we'll have a problem breaking even. Obviously there's the opportunity cost and convenience of buying veggies from the grocery store, but I enjoy tackling the weeds on the weekends. Even if that means itchy eyes during the work week. And you can't beat the fresh taste!

And just for fun, here are a few other shots of our roses.

Do you have a garden? Maybe one on your patio?

PS - John wants to make sure he gets credit for the title. You're welcome, Hubs.
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