Thursday, June 28, 2012

How You Feelin'? hot, Hot, HOT!

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Striped Turkish bath towel (Etsy seller Turkish Towel Village), Old Navy flip flops, J. Crew polka dot bikini top and bottom, TOMS Kathmandu 301 sunglasses, Beach bag (Etsy seller Banyan Hippo)

Oh boy! It is HOT in Chicago! If it wasn't so darn hot, I'd consider going to the beach. But then I'd probably run to for the A/C in about 20 minutes. Speaking of, we had a little technical difficulty with our A/C and I was praying we wouldn't have to call and get it serviced on the hottest day of the summer. All is well for now, so fingers crossed it keeps working.

By the way, I saw that solid colored Old Navy flips flops (which are usually a bargain at $4/pair) are going to be $1 in stores on Saturday! [That excludes wedges, embellished, printed, and leather styles. 5 per customer.] So if you lost or broke your last pair of flippy floppies....stock up! These are also great as part of a bridesmaid gifts or summer wedding favors.

Do you have anything exciting going on this weekend? We have a neighborhood party on Saturday and I plan on baking some blueberry rhubarb cobbler. Have a great Friday!

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  1. LOVING that bathing suit! Adorable :)

  2. Cute cute! And that pie looks delish!

  3. Love that Turkish bath towel and that bathing suit!

  4. That swim suit is so adorable!! Great pick :) Newly following! xoox, eliza

  5. Wonderful!
    Thank you so much!!



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