Monday, June 25, 2012

A June Weekend Update

Hi, there! Did you have a relaxing weekend? Mine was part busy and part relaxing. Busy since I was sewing lots of pillow covers! My green ombre pillow cover was featured in an Etsy Finds email last week, so there were orders to fill and inventory to replenish. Especially because I'm having a giveaway on Jillian's blog, Cornflake Dreams! Please swing by for all the details!

As for relaxing, we tried a few new beers. One being New Beligium's Tart Lychee sour beer as part of their Lips of Faith series. Some of my favorite things about craft beer are the bottles and labels. And the Lips of Faith beers don't let me down. Even better that their beers are tasty. This one was a little sweet, a little sour, and had a hint of cinnamon at the end.

In the effort to keep a semi-clean house (I'm not Martha Stewart or minimalist), I keep a bag in my closet for donations. I don't have a strict one-in-one-out policy, but when I'm looking for something in my closet or dresser, I might find something I don't wear anymore. My bag was pretty full, so I asked John if there was anything else he wanted to give away. Between some of his items and a few other randoms from around the house, I donated two full bags to Goodwill. Hello, tax deduction!

Finally, I was feeling a little crafty on Sunday. But you'll have to wait for the details until next time ;)

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  1. hellooo from a fellow midwesterner :) loving your shop :)


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