Thursday, October 11, 2012

Falling for Frye

Gold dinosaur earrings from huiyitan, Olive metallic leather tote from Gift Shop Brooklyn,
Frye Paige tall riding boots, J. Crew Nili Lotan open cable sweater, J. Crew toothpick ankle cords

Hi, there! I'm keeping things on the short and sweet side because it's Friday!

Remember how I talked about getting new brown leather boots? I finally took a trip to Nordstrom to try a few pairs on. Either I have funny-shaped calves and ankles or I'm picky! Yes, my calves are muscular from running, so it's probably a little bit of both.

Of the boots I tried on, Frye's Paige looked the best, but they didn't have the dark brown in stores. So I'm patiently waiting for the boots to be delivered. We'll see if Paige gets to stick around or if I send her packing!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. i recently bought a pair of burgundy, oxblood, maroon -- whatever you call it pants from forever! i am looking forward to wearing them this weekend!

  2. Love those cords! In a color that I consider perfect for fall :)

  3. Cute outfit! I have the Paige and they are super comfortable, worth the money, and look better with wear. I just love 'em! Hope you enjoy yours and have a fantastic weekend Cathy!

  4. Those earrings are so cute!!! Love them!

    xo, Emily

  5. I love everything about this cozy fall look. I just bought a pair of the cords and they fit beautifully; I recommend them! I also really like the idea of the green bag with this. Lookin' good!

  6. What a great outfit and I agree completely with you, crushing on those frye boots! Hope you are having a wonderful week.
    Twirling Clare


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