Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lunch Lady

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Lunchskins sandwich bags via Jess Lively, CB2 Hi lunch bag

Anyone else think of this SNL skit after reading the title?

While I've been focusing on bigger financial wins such as negotiating and refinancing, I still keep up with smaller money saving habits.

For example, I primarily bring my coffee and lunch to work. Sure, there are days that I buy a lunch or coffee pumpkin spice latte for a change of pace, a change of scenery, or to be social. Though most days you'll see me enjoying a turkey sandwich or some leftovers with fruit, yogurt, or other snack. Not just for the financial benefits, but also for the health benefits. If I ate a Chipotle burrito every day, I'd start to look like a burrito.

While we're on the topic of lattes, Brittney Castro wrote a thoughtful post on The Everygirl about evaluating your values and related spending habits. Spoiler alert: It's OK to buy lattes if that fits in with your overall money values!

And just for fun (it is almost lunchtime), I'd like to share an infographic created by creditscore.net about bringing your own lunches and coffee to work.

Do you prefer to bring your lunch to work or do you go out to eat? Anyone care to share creative lunch ideas?

Brown Bagging Infographic

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  1. Packing my lunch is one of those things that I seem to cycle through. I do great for a few weeks and then the decline starts. Thanks so much for the reminder on how much it helps out my budget!!


  2. LOVE this post. i needed the motivation to bring my lunch! those numbers are scary!


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