Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Nesting Instinct is no Joke!

Hey there, Wednesday. How did you get here already? At one of my previous jobs, we joked that you could start asking about upcoming weekend plans once Wednesday rolled around. We don't have anything major planned for this weekend (yet), so please indulge me in prior weekend talk.

Contemplating colors and crib sheets at The Land of Nod

While I had high hopes when writing last Thursday's Friday's Fancies post, my weekend DIY project didn't happen. The urge to nest hit hard and I went on a domestic tirade instead of partaking in some relaxing crafting. After taking the glucose tolerance test on Saturday morning, I spent a few hours looking at nursery decor. There were trips to The Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids. And of course the creation of a "sophisticated girly" nursery board on Pinterest.

We took a trip to the city Saturday evening and spent some time with some of the liveliest people we know. And then it was Sunday...

Generally Sunday is a day of rest, but I couldn't resist the urge to clean! John is definitely the neater one out of the two of us, so this was a refreshing change for him. Yes, I usually go on a mini cleaning binge when we're expecting company, but this was more than that. We're going to have a new person living with us!

From the Bucks blog at The New York Times

So I started evicting the clutter from our house. Empty boxes were recycled. Old food and expired sunscreen were thrown in the trash. Documents were shredded. A donation box was filled for Goodwill.

And it felt GOOD!

Babies don't need a lot of stuff to survive, but the stuff accumulates anyways. I figured we might as well start making room for said stuff.

Yes, there's more to do, but I feel like we're making good progress. We also attended a seminar at our parish about what we can do as parents to lead our children toward a vibrant faith and balanced life. Which is much more important than having the perfectly pretty nursery.

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  1. Nice to know the nesting instinct will kick in full force :) I've made some progress, but we have a ways to go!


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