Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Price Matching is the Best

Hey there! How was your weekend? We had baby shower #2 and are feeling completely showered with love. Our baby girl is one lucky lady :)

Now that the two big showers are under our belt, we have a better idea about what we need to buy and have on hand to bring our baby home from the hospital. One thing I wanted to get sooner rather than later was our stroller: an orange BOB Revolution SE, to be specific.

We're registered at Buy Buy Baby, where the price of the stroller is the most expensive ($450). Fortunately Buy Buy Baby price matches, so I checked things out online. Amazon had a great price of $319, so I brought the Amazon listing showing a price of $319 with us. Buy Buy Baby matched the price right at the register.

What's better is that they accepted a 20% off coupon on top of the price match...ch-ching! So the $450 stroller now only cost $255 before tax, plus we didn't have to wait for the stroller to be shipped.

In addition to baby gear, we bought a new oven this past week. Our old oven started beeping and showing an error message in the middle of the night. We eventually had to unplug the oven to stop the beeping. It was a nice little reality check because we won't be able to "unplug" a crying baby in the middle of the night.

Back to the topic at hand...a repair man checked out the oven and told us the replacement part would be about $250 before labor. Totally not worth it for our 1990's oven. John researched new ovens and found a middle-of-the-road (and reasonably priced) stainless steel GE oven at H.H. Gregg. At the time, the list price was $800, but on sale for $740. We knew that H.H. Gregg price matched, so we did one last Google search before heading to the store. Turns out, the same oven was on sale (but only available online) for $719 at Home Depot. Regardless of where we purchased the oven, we wanted to check it out in person before buying it.

Buying from H.H. Gregg ended up being the best of both worlds because we got the lower Home Depot price and the free (after rebate) H.H. Gregg delivery, haul away, and installation. All we had to do was print off the Home Depot price for a little price matcheroo.

The moral of today's story is to check if a store will match competitor prices. We ended up saving $212 (before taxes and the 20% off coupon to Buy Buy Baby) just by spending a few extra minutes going a quick search of prices. That's much more efficient and effective than driving out of your way to save 5 or 10 cents on a gallon of gas!

Do you have a price matching victory story to share?
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