Sunday, May 15, 2011

Travelling Lightly

Hi, friends. Thank you sooo much for the thoughtful comments, messages, and emails during this past week. As losing a grandparent is never easy, your outpouring of love and prayers are greatly appreciated. The love shown for my Grandma and family in Cleveland was also a blessing. There were sad moments, but the overall tone of the week was a celebration of her life.

Me, Grandma, and my sister at Niagara Falls
One thing I forgot to mention last week was that my Grandma loved to travel. Around the world, around the country, and around Ohio. As my aunt said during the eulogy, when Grandma could no longer travel for a week, she would go somewhere for a few days. These became overnight trips, to day trips, to a quick getaway around Cleveland. As her body began to age, she had to use a wheelchair, and this limited the places she could visit. She became worried that she wouldn't be able to visit everywhere on her wish list. 

The priest beautifully tied this love of travel into the funeral homily. As exciting as a trip may be, a traveler always looks forward to returning home. To friends, family, and familiar surroundings and routines. I know that I enjoyed my trip home to Cleveland and my subsequent return to home in Chicago. On a greater scale, my Grandma's life was an incredible journey on this Earth. Now she is returning home to Heaven where she is reunited with Christ, her husband, brother, and others that passed before her.

And now my Grandma can continue exploring the planet and the universe.

Bon voyage.
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