Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Last Hurrah

Hiiii! How was your weekend? Ours was busy, but I loved it! And I'm loving everything about our new house!!I know I was sad about leaving the city, but it feels so right here! Even though we've only been here for a few days, it feels like we fit right in. And as John puts it, we won the "neighbor jackpot." They brought us wine, cheese, and crackers on Sunday. And their girls (plus one of the other girls down the street) drew us pictures welcoming us to the "nabahood." Too cute :)

We're kind of settled, but there are still plenty of boxes to go through. And of course we need to get furniture. Though we're not ready to commit to that yet. We've already been to Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Target, Tru Value, and Sears (for a washer and dryer). Let's just say we're shopping around.

Since the house isn't exactly ready for its close-up, I thought I would share a tour of our apartment. It was a great place to grow into Chicago and I'll still miss bits about it. Warning: These pictures are in no way styled. The place is pretty much in its natural state, with even a few signs of packing.

When you walk in, you'll be greeted by our "Bill Cosby sweater" recliner covered by a Mexican blanket from our honeymoon. Most of our furniture is hand-me-down, with a few things from Crate and Barrel and Ikea. We purchased that sectional sofa from Darvin. It's a super comfy investment piece and even has a queen sleeper. As of now, the sectional is in the basement of the house.

Of all the rooms in the apartment, the kitchen is the most updated. There are granite counters (I think) and new white cabinets. The door leads out to a little balcony where we grew tomatoes and herbs over the summer.

The bathroom is a little small and is obviously hard to photograph. We added the storage over the toilet since there wasn't much storage in the apartment.

Our bedroom was huuuuuge! In St. Louis, our king sized bed took up the whole room. In Chicago, it easily fit in the room. Please ignore the pile of clothes on the papasan. So far we don't have a chair in the new bedroom, so I'll have to find a new place for clothes. Or maybe just put them away!

This bedroom was a guest room/office until we purchased the sectional. Then it became the office and random dumping zone. Yes, I strategically photographed around some of the problem areas. And yes, that is our collection of moving boxes. Copy paper boxes are the best! You're bound to see some popping up at the new house.

So there you have it. A quick tour of the apartment. If you have questions about where we got something, I'll try to do my best and get back to you.
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  1. I love the white kitchen! That's on my list of things for our next house. :)


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