Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Tool Time

How was your weekend? We went to a party on Saturday night for a friend that's joining the seminary. And we ordered some furniture from for the front room! While we need furniture for most rooms in the house, the front room is being tackled first. Darvin was having a pre-4th of July sale, so we decided to check it out. Here is a present day "before" shot to show what we're working with:

As you can see, there's a motley crew of furniture. Our sectional sofa is in the basement, so we're left with camping chairs, a papasan, an extra kitchen chair, and the industrial vintage stool. After plenty of brainstorming, we decided to stray from the sectional sofa in Friday's design board since we didn't really see any we liked. Plus, we were having troubles visualizing the seating arrangements (more on that later). In the end, we purchased a three-butt sofa and two-butt love seat. They'll look a little something like these, but with different pillows:

Photo from Darvin
Since we're pretty much working from scratch, the multitude of options in floor plans is overwhelming. I've tried drawing floor plans, but needed something faster and a little more flexible. What if I found a couch in a different size? What if I wanted two sofas instead of a sectional?

Enter my new friend Plan Your Room. This website allows you to draw your room, add furniture, and move it around or make changes with the click of a mouse. No thinking about ratios or whether an inch equals a foot or 8 inches. After a bit of redesigning, here's what I'm thinking:

Love seat under the window, three-butt sofa on the wall, one accent chair, and a rug anchoring that zone. There will be coffee tables, side tables, and lamps scattered throughout. The chest will be on the wall where the TV is currently sitting. The TV will be moved to the back/family room. Yes, there's some open space on the left side of the room, but we need to be able to walk between the front door, kitchen, and bedrooms. And I'd like the room to have a chance to "breathe."

The sofas will be delivered in about a month, so there's plenty of time to paint or rearrange the room!

How do you design a room's floor plan? Pencil and paper? Actually moving the furniture? Or something a little more high tech?

(I wasn't compensated by Plan Your Room. This is just a fun discovery I thought I would share with you.)

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  1. New furniture...gotta love it!! :)

  2. I like to rearrange my living room every few months, so I like to have furniture that is easy to move.


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