Monday, July 2, 2012

A Wild Weather Weekend

Hi, friends! How was your weekend? In addition to being hot in Chicago, we've had some pretty severe storms. As I'm typing this post on Sunday afternoon, it's super dark outside and the rain is pelting the house. There's lots of thunder and lighting and sticks flying around. Our sump pump is pumping and the back-up occasionally beeps to tell me it's kicking in. I have me cell phone and two flash lights next to me. Yep, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to storms.

Beyond the dramatic weather, it was a pretty good weekend. I found the perfect polka dot dress at J.Crew on Friday with Jess. It was meant to be because there was only one available, in my size, and on sale for $50! I can't wait to wear it to an upcoming wedding and other celebrations. And if I style it just right, I'll probably wear it to work.

The blueberry rhubarb cobbler was also a huge success at the neighborhood BBQ! Though I managed to fling butter around the kitchen while making it. I don't know who would be more disappointed in my mistreatment of butter: Paula Deen or Joy the Baker.

Our garden is also starting to yield cherry tomatoes! I picked our first seven on Sunday and I'm hoping for more ripe ones by the time I make Mediterranean quinoa for dinner later this week.

Finally, I'd like to give a special "hello!" to all my new readers! I hope you stick around and make yourself at home. Fiscally Chic is where I share my musings about personal finance, share things that inspire and interest me, and give a little peek into my life. Fiscally Chic is also on Twitter and Facebook if you'd like to follow along there. I use those to share shop updates and other snippets of information that might not warrant a full blog post.

Have a great week!
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