Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Case for Rewarding Yourself

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Over the weekend, I joined the wonderful world of iPhones. An iPhone 5, if you're wondering. My contract was up so I thought it was time to make an investment in my blog and Etsy shop. Yes, this phone will be partially for personal use, but it's also part business expense.

As a saver by nature, this phone is a bit of a splurge. So I also see it as a way of rewarding myself for my hard work and success with the shop. Making it into Woman's Day is a big accomplishment! Same with 149 sales in less than a year and a half.

Sure, some "other" financial blogs might see this as lifestyle creep (i.e. earning more, but also spending more), but I should be able to enjoy my hard-earned money every now and then! It's all about focusing on the big wins instead of sweating the small stuff. We're doing really well with our savings and are working on paying off our mortgage early.

How have you rewarded yourself recently?
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  1. I think that is worth it plus it will be great for feeding times with baby. I use my iPod touch while nursing and love it. I can't blog with it so I would love to hear how blogging goes with the iPhone 5.


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