Thursday, February 21, 2013

Red Carpet Ready

Emerald Strip Drops via Bauble Bar, Boutique 9 Orseena Art Deco Sandals,
Kate Spade Emerald Anastasia Clutch and Badgley Mishka gown via Rent the Runway

Happy Friday! It's been a busy work week, so I can't wait for the weekend to arrive. We don't have much planned, so a night at home with a rented movie and big bowl of popcorn is probably in our future. John and I aren't huge movie buffs, but we've seen a few of the 2013 Oscar nominees: Django Unchained (just him), Les Mis (just me), Lincoln, and Flight. If I was hosting a dressy Oscar viewing party, I'd love to wear this Badgley Mischka gown from Rent the Runway.

After my great experience with Rent the Runway in November, I'm looking for any excuse to rent another dress. Maybe I'll pick one out for a baby shower or fancy night on the town with John. By the way, Rent the Runway is perfect for moms-to-be! When searching for a dress, just click on "Bump Friendly" under the body type options. Other dresses that aren't under "Bump Friendly" might also work, but you'll have to dig a little more to find them.

I was 10 weeks pregnant when I rented the dress for the Denver wedding. Of the dresses in my closet that fit (there weren't many), I knew I would be self-conscious the whole time. Thanks to Rent the Runway, I felt gorgeous without buying a dress I might not wear again.

Are you watching the Oscars this weekend? Any favorites of the nominees?

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  1. That dress is so pretty :) my roommate rented it for an inaugural ball this year. It's even prettier in person!

  2. Can't resist any dress as glittery as that :) Love the emerald accessories!
    xx, Emily

  3. that dress was on massive sale on Gilt and I almost bought it! LOVE.


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