Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Update

Hi there! Since it's May, I figured I would take a quick peek at my 2012 goals and see how things are progressing. Especially since I'm notorious for starting things, but don't always get around to finishing them. The graphic is a great reminder and is inspired by Ecclesiastes 7:8, "To finish is better than to start."


My two major financial goals are to save more (while spending intentionally) and earn more. The savings goal is well on track with the refinance, but I can be more diligent with investing. Like...the old 401(k) that I still need to rollover to an IRA.

Earning more is also going really well! My Etsy shop continues to surprise me with sales from the first 4.5 months of 2012 being almost equal to the 4 months I was open in 2011 (which included Christmas!) And the blog is starting to make a little more moolah too. There are some new ads on the sidebar, including one for CCAP Enterprises. Only the best place to get promotional products and screened and embroidered apparel. Yes, my Dad runs the show at CCAP. You can contact him now for 10% off your first order! 


My personal goals are a bit more "in process." I haven't picked up "The Pursuit of Perfect" and I still have clutter around the house. On the plus side, one of my personal goals is to spend more time in prayer. During Lent, I started to listen to Catholic radio in the car. There's a huge billboard along the highway for Relevant Radio, and I was having a rough week, so I thought why not? I now listen to Catholic radio about 95% of the time in the car. It's so refreshing to listen to the current events or business advice through the filter of my faith. And it really sets the tone for my day.

Health + Fitness

Last, but not least, are health and fitness! "Health" is going pretty well as I'm drinking more water, especially after recovering from a massive cold. And I've been eating meatless more often since we went Catholic vegetarian for Lent by giving up meat, but could have fish and seafood. I could afford a more consistent sleep schedule, so we'll see how that goes the second half of the year.

"Fitness" is more "in process" as I've fallen a bit off the work out wagon. Yes, I'm walking a half marathon with my Mom and have a 5K shortly after that, but I haven't been very diligent with my training.

Something tells me if I can balance my time better, I'll be able to workout, sleep, and do the thousands of other things on my list. But will all of that realistically happen? Probably not. Guess I'm more of an optimalist than I thought!

How are your 2012 goals going?
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