Monday, May 7, 2012

Coming Clean

I know Earth Day was last month, but that doesn't keep me from thinking (and saving) green throughout the rest of the year. Know who else is into thinking green blue? 

Volkswagen! The fine folks at VW included me in their April 2012 issue of Das Auto Magazine! Stop by to see how I (and four other drivers) live a greener life with VW.

And while I'm coming clean, I want to share a green tip for doing the laundry.

White vinegar and baking soda never cease to amaze me. I've used them to clean the bathroom and help unclog a drain (pre-Drain Claw). I also use them to tackle stinky towels.

Have you ever washed and washed a towel, but it still smells gross? Yet everything else in the laundry smells clean? It happens to my towels maybe once a year. (I told you I was coming clean.) 

According to this Lifehacker article, the culprit is the build up of detergent, fabric softener, and/or dryer sheets in the fluffy fibers of the towels. Over time, they soak up soap residue and cannot soak up post-shower water. And let's not forget the funk.

Fortunately, the solution is in your pantry with the help of your washer. Give your towels a detox by running them through two hot loads in the washer, skipping the detergent on both loads.
  • Load 1: Hot water and one cup of vinegar
  • Loan 2: Hot water and a half cup of baking soda
Once the wash is done, throw the towels in the dryer sans-dryer sheets.

And if you're looking for other homemade cleaners, Design*Sponge highlighted a few last week.
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  1. You're a star!! I love it! Great laundry tip too...thanks!

  2. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X

  3. haha that is so cool you were featured there!!! :)


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