Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Shortcake...

Birthday card from Etsy seller HappyDappyBits

...it's my birthday! I hope you don't mind that posting will be on the light side for the next few days. While I enjoy chatting with you on the Internets, I have other fun things going on IRL.

And it seems that Draft Mag got the memo too.

Their May/June 2012 issue has beer and cake pairings! A lemon chiffon cake and wheat beer are sounding pretty good together.

See you back here for Friday's Fancies.
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  1. Happy birthday! And I have an indirect connection to someone who works on Draft Mag... Enjoy some beer and cake!

  2. (In thinking about it, I realize my comment sounds totally random... let's blame sleep deprivation! ha)


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