Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Walk it Out


As I hinted last week, I was planning on walking a half marathon with my Mom. What I didn't tell you was that it was this past weekend! John and I took a quick weekend to Cleveland for the race.

And it went really well! My Mom walked a personal best time by a minute and I suppose I had a PR because I've never walked a half before. To make it even better, I won my age division for walking the half marathon! I never thought that was possible.

I also have to point out that my Dad was 2nd in his age division for walking the 10K. Way to go Mom and Dad!

Unfortunately, my cold got the best of John over the weekend and he had to sleep it off Sunday morning. But not before completing the Marine pull-up challenge at the race expo. 20 pull-ups for a T-shirt and the opportunity to enlist (kidding about the second part!)

To be honest, walking a half marathon was harder than I expected. I thought I could breeze through training. Read: run 5 miles and hope to crank out 13.1 on race day. I survived the race but was a little more sore than expected. It's tough being on your feet for 3+ hours!

Next time, I'll be sure to listen to Hal Higdon and do more than the bare minimum.

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  1. I walked a half in 2010, and it was fun to train and do the race with a friend since we could catch up while we walked. It's definitely harder than people think to walk for over 3 hours... Congrats on winning for your age group! So great that you did it with your family too!

  2. what a great family activity to do together! congrats to your mom and dad with their wins in their age group. exercise is so important at any age


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