Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal Chic

Banana Republic dress, Jess LC earrings, Tiffany bean bracelet,
Ann Taylor pumps, Tory Burch lizard clutch

Yay for Friday! This week's post is extra fun since the Friday's Fancies theme is weddings! And you know we've had quite the summer of weddings. Invited to 5: attended 2 so far, said "no" to 1, and have 2 more on the calendar. So why not dream up another outfit? 

Since John or I have been asked to stand up in several of the weddings, I put together an outfit for the rehearsal dinner. Refined, but not too dressy. The bride will definitely be the center of attention. This week I went with a statement dress and kept the accessories neutral. Plus, these accessories can transition into fall.

While I'm thinking about rehearsal dinners, I want to share ideas for presents for the wedding party. As I said in my Christmas gift guide, gift giving is all about knowing the giftee. Think outside of the jewelry box. Will she ever wear the necklace that matches the required dress and required shoes again? Perhaps, but maybe not. If you give jewelry, pick something unique for each of your girls.

For the Ladies

John's sister gave each of her bridesmaids a monogrammed tiny text bowl from Paloma's Nest. I keep the jewelry I wear on a regular basis in mine.

If you're crafty and have the time, why not create something personal? My super crafty friend Liz (she's the Betty Crocker to my Martha Stewart) made each of us tote bags, monogrammed wine glasses, and other goodies.

anyone catch the Alanis Morissette reference?

If you don't have the time, there's always Etsy. I had Etsy seller SnappyShop sew custom aprons for my ladies.

For the Guys

Don't forget the groomsmen! John has received colorful argyle socks to wear with his suit or tux (in addition to other things). He loves argyle and wears dress socks everyday to work.

Wallets or money clips are also excellent options.

Another option is an [insert something good] of the month club. John received a 6 month membership to a microbrew of the month club. There are memberships for wine, steak, cigars, desserts, coffee, cheese, and more.

Or what about tickets for his favorite sports team?

John's input: personalized sneakers. You can create custom shoes, clothing, and equipment on the NIKEiD website

What are some of your memorable wedding attendant gifts?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love this! I adore that dress (I need to go out and find a dress for the wedding I'm going to next weekend today)! And of course thanks for the earring shout out!

    I can't wait to see the curtains up! And have fun this weekend!

  2. I love the accessories!! Yeah, Jess LC has some amazing products.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  3. i love the print on that dress. have a great weekend! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. What a great outfit and ideas!!!! Have fun at the wedding!

  5. That dress is perfect!! And I love the clutch. Happy Friday

  6. Ooo that dress is super cute! I love the pop of the blue on the white! And those aprons, what a cute idea!


  7. You look so hot on that dress, congratulations to your friend.
    long island weddings


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