Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest Video with Michelle, The When I Grow Up Coach

Happy Wednesday! It's a super day because I promised you an amazeballs post. For full disclosure, that's not my word. It's one of the favorite words of my fabulous guest poster today....Michelle Ward, The When I Grow Up Coach.....yay!!!! Please give a warm welcome to Michelle :)

While Fiscally Chic's tagline is "saving money with style," a fiscally chic lifestyle is more than just saving money. It's also about earning more, similar to calories in/out when dieting. Sometimes it's creating wealth with a new business. Maybe it's negotiating a higher raise or bonus. It might be going back to work. Or maybe it's switching jobs for something more fulfilling.

But what if you're having trouble finding your focus? And how do you get people to believe in you and hire you? Here's creative career and life coach Michelle with some insightful answers.

If you're still unsure or if the video left you with more questions than I answers, Michelle can still offer you guidance. If you're more of a DIY kind of person, there's her Operation: Creative Career Cheer! rhyming workbook to "make your dream career appear." There are some great exercises that help you define your passion and put them into action, such as, Diligent, Detailed Daydreams; Super Skills (that give ya thrills/pay the bills/don’t make ya ills); Vital Values; and An Effective Escape.  

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You can buy just the workbook, which is awesome in itself. Or if you need a little more guidance, Michelle has a package with the workbook and a 60 minute follow-up coaching session. You can also simply work with Michelle with personalized coaching.

Yes, I'm part of Michelle's affiliate program, as evidenced by the button on my sidebar, but I wouldn't be sharing her services if I didn't believe in them. Plus, I really enjoy reading her blog. It's entertaining and motivating at the same time!

So thanks again to Michelle for the amazing video! If you have any other burning career questions, leave them here or leave them for Michelle on her blog.

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