Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Time for the Financial Blogger Conference!

Green Tourmaline earrings, Michael Kors watch, J. Crew tweed loafers, J. Crew Factory tweed blazer and belt, Emersonmade blouse, Gap jeans, Jess LC iPad case, Apple iPad

As you may remember from a while back, there's a financial blogger conference being held in Chicago. Well, kids, this weekend is the weekend! There's a welcome reception on Friday, with events and sessions all day Saturday and part of Sunday. I seriously can't wait! That's why this week's Friday's Fancies is along the lines of casual business casual. I was thinking about an outfit that is professional, comfortable, and shows a bit of my style. And I would love to have an iPad (plus Jess LC's iPad case!) to take notes from the speakers, but I don't think that's in the cards.

Back to the conference, my brain is about to explode with excitement! I'm looking forward to meeting other bloggers; learning about blogging, monitization, and promotions; and having all sorts of fun! I'll be sure to share new ideas and thoughts when I'm back next week.

If you're just visiting Fiscally Chic for the first time, welcome! This is where I blog about "saving money with style" two or three times a week. I also post recipes, talk about running, and share other things that inspire me. We just bought a house, so decorating and home-related things seem to be the theme du jour. If this is your first time here, I encourage you to make yourself at home and take a look around. Here's a little more about me and about Fiscally Chic. If you're looking for the cupcakes, they hang out with the other recipes.

Friday's are devoted to dreaming big with a Friday's Fancies post, as hosted by {long distance loving}.

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  1. Have fun at the conference! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    (And of course, thanks for the iPad shout out!)

  2. Have fun at the conference!!! I think you have the perfect look for it! :)

  3. Have fun at the event! If you wear that outfit you'll look great :)

  4. holy cow--how EXCITING! I hope you've had a phenomenal weekend mingling with some great bloggers! I adore the Friday's Fancies you pulled together, as always ;) I'm hoping we can meet each other one of these days...maybe at a future rendez-vous ;) much love, my dear! xoxo {av}

  5. LOVE the iPad case!! So chic! Hope you had fun at the conference! :)


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