Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Things and Good News

Hey friends! What's new with you? Have you dropped your name in the hat for the $50 gift certificate to One Sydney Road??? Time is running out and the giveaway closes tonight! As of Wednesday night there were only 23 entries, so the odds are in your favor.

What's new with me? I thought you'd never ask! This chair, for one. Actually it's old, but new to us. I rescued it from the curb last week, and can't wait to pick out fabric for a new cushion and paint or stain the frame.

I also registered as a sole proprietor* in Illinois last night! Why? Because I opened up The Fiscally Chic Etsy Shop! You might have noticed the shop link on my homepage about a week ago.

The Shop is another creative outlet and place to share items lovingly created by myself or my family. I made friendship bracelets in grade school and sewed purses for friends in high school. So why not share these things with you? Right now, I have listings for a few pillow covers and am slowly increasing my inventory. I also hope to add scarves and/or hats knit by my Mom from fleece from our alpacas.

I even shipped out my first order earlier this week! And I'm really enjoying crunching the numbers in my spreadsheets.

Yes, the pillow in the first picture is for sale and ready to find a new home. It's made from Marimekko fabric :)

What else is new with you?

*Yes, we can debate business formation, but I wanted to keep things simple. This is just a hobby for now.
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  1. So cool! Congrats - you're one step closer to having my dream job!

  2. Yay! Best of luck and of course, have fun!

  3. How cool! Good luck with the shop. Off to check it out :)

  4. Let me know when those knit hats are available...I'm looking for some for the kids!


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