Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Mid-Week Weekend Update

I know it's Wednesday and usually Wednesdays mean looking forward to the coming weekend. But today we're going to take a sneak peek into the previous weekend. No, I didn't make any progress on the back room. Unless, of course, you consider pinning a bajillion pictures on Pinterest. Then yes, I've made progress.

9th Street Abbey: where our reception was held

Honestly, I'm not worried about the lack of progress in the back room because the weekend was spent with friends and family in St. Louis. Coincidentally, it was our 5-year engage-iversary on Friday.

John and I both have a sister living in St. Louis and it's always fun to experience the city through their eyes. Yes, we lived there for 7 years, but there are always new places opening or places we never got around to seeing. This weekend was a little bit of old and new favorites.

After a relaxing Friday night and chill Saturday morning, we ventured to Soulard for some amazing BBQ from Bogart's. Those of you who know St. Louis restaurants probably know about Pappy's, but have you heard of Bogart's? John sister shared this little secret. Bogart's has the same amazing BBQ as Pappy's, but shorter lines. The only downside is that Bogart's doesn't have sweet potato fries. I'll survive with the alternative: deviled egg potato salad and "pineapple express" BBQ sauce.

Since we needed to walk off our ginormous lunch, we walked around the Soulard Farmers Market. This farmers market isn't exactly authentic (I prefer Tower Grove), but there are still fun things to see. For example, this awesome mini donut assembly line. We also picked up some Whole Wheat Chipotle Lime Mafaldine from Pappardelle's Pasta. We made it for dinner on Monday and I'm highly considering buying more online.

After a quick jaunt around Forest Park and express trip to the zoo, we stopped by College Church for Mass and then back to John's sister's apartment for dinner. Then it was time for the highlight of the weekend...a reunion party at Urban Chestnut! I've talked about this microbrewery before, and it's no surprise that we had to make a stop there.

Here's the thing about Urban Chestnut, it's so good that you want to take everyone you know. But you also want to keep it to yourself so that there's a bench available for you in their new biergarten. We decided to go with the former. Wise decision because the weather was temperate, conversations were lively, and the brews tasty as ever.

Weekends like these make me want the weekend to last just a few days longer. Maybe my subconscious is trying to do that by sharing this weekend post now.

Since it's Wednesday, what are you looking forward to this coming weekend?
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