Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dress to Impress

In between baking insane cupcakes and a little back room decorating, I still have to get dressed and go to my day job. Our dress code is business casual with jeans on Fridays (and Thursdays during the summer). Every so often, I have a meeting that warrants a little something more. Not quite business professional (read: suit), but a little more than black pants and a cardigan. On those days, I like to dress to impress.

I had one such meeting a few weeks ago. My boss said he was going to wear a jacket, but no tie. So I should dress accordingly. I took that literally and busted out my navy blazer with a work-appropriate dress. And to keep things from getting too formal, I added a little flair with my accessories: my go-to patent pumps, Jess LC earrings, and a J. Crew bracelet.
None of these pieces were extremely pricey, but I felt like a million bucks because they fit perfectly. And I was having an exceptionally good hair day. This was my hair at around 8:15pm.
I also have to share that I usually wear flats or lower heels to work. I've noticed that I feel more confident when I bust out the big girl shoes (aka - my sh!t-kickers) and studies support that: "There is such a clear association between height and power that making yourself appear taller should put you at an advantage."
So if you're looking for a little psychological boost on the day of a big meeting or interview, how about slipping into one of these pairs of shoes? Because I know you're prepared and can dazzle them with your brains.
Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Zara, Loft, Ann Taylor
For more tips on dressing for the office, check out Ashley Nicole Catherine's post on workwear essentials.
How do you dress for work?

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  1. So crazy, but I was planning to write a very similar post today or tomorrow! Love how the right outfit can make you feel super-confident.

  2. P.S. You're right... you were having a great hair day! This post is so fiscally chic.


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