Friday, August 10, 2012

Back Room Design Ideas

Earlier this week, you might have noticed a post with just pictures of our backroom. While I occasionally accidentally publish posts before they're ready, this time was intentional because I needed a fast way to share pictures of the room.

Why? Because I recently won a giveaway on Mint's blog for $400 to West Elm and a 1-hour consultation with designer Tracy Hutson of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition fame! We had our phone call earlier this week and had some technical difficulties while emailing the pictures. So a quick blog post was the way to go.

It was super fun chatting with Tracy and she had some great ideas for the room. First, she agreed that we needed an entry table to drop off keys, cell phones, wallets, etc. And a proper place to kick off our shoes. Right now, the area of the left of the door is a mess. I'm envisioning something like this:

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From House and Home
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From The Everygirl

A console table to the left of the door with space below it for shoes. A white Parsons desk or table might be a good option, or maybe something a little less modern.

The entertainment unit is a little small for the room, so we're looking into getting something new to be the focal point of the room. There are some incredible vintage credenzas on Craigslist, which are perfect for our 1950's home.

From Jess Lively

In addition to suggesting a low console, Tracy suggested leaning some larger artwork against the wall behind the TV. Jess's living room is a great example of that, though we wouldn't have the bookshelves on the side. Tracy also suggested adding a floor lamp off to the side of the TV.

As for the area by the window and couch, Tracy recommended pulling the couch slightly off the window. We've already moved the couch and I think it makes the room much cozier.

Rustic Storage Side Table 
West Elm rustic side table
Bone Side Table
West Elm bone side table

We could put a console behind the couch, add side tables, or add a coffee table/ottoman. John is more game for side tables, so we'll probably look into those.

As for this nook on the side of the couch near the bathroom, Tracy recommended making a little seating area or adding a low bookshelf that can also work as seating.

Pinned Image
From Maggie Rose Interiors

Maggie's low bookshelf immediately came to mind, so we'll probably be making a trip to Ikea soon to pick up an Expedit shelf!

Clearly this room will evolve as we shop and find new pieces, but it's nice to have a jumping off point with some outside help. Plus, there will be accessories to find once we get the big pieces :)

Have you redecorated any rooms recently?

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  1. Such a treat to get to the last photo! Tracy had some great ideas for you and I think this will come together so well. How exciting! xo


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