Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Patio Finale

Kate Spade studs, Jess LC Jackson neon pink bauble necklace,
DV by Dolce Vita Adyn sandal, Ya Los Angeles Nautical Stripe Dress

Even though summer feels to be winding down, I hope there are many warm weekends in our future. Because the patio is ready to go for outdoor dinners, chats around the fire pit, and all around relaxing! We're seeing some friends on Sunday, and hopefully enjoying the patio a bit, and I would gladly wear this simple summer outfit. What's even better is the dress and sandals are both under $30!

Speaking of the patio, I owe you a few "after" pictures! But first, this is what our pre-patio situation looked like when we moved in:

Once we said "sayonara" to the hedge:

And drumroll please.......our new patio!!!

Let's zoom in closer on the plant situation. We planted mums in the raised bed since they bloom during the summer and fall. Near the rosebush are fibrous begonias.

Freddy and his team at Green Landscape Solutions did a fantastic job with the patio. We had a general idea of what we wanted, but Freddy brought all sorts of creativity and an attention to detail to the project. For example, the curviness of the patio and corners of the planter. Love it.

They also did an excellent job in "finishing" the space. Since we were having permeable pavers installed, they needed to dig a deeper foundation and tore up part of the driveway in the process. On the left of the picture below, you'll see a new patch of asphalt. And as part of our design and building permit woes, Freddy worked with us and the building inspector to design a patio that met our aesthetic and zoning requirements.

As expected, they also put down sod around the patio and where the driveway was removed. What we didn't expect was to find the driveway power washed and extra pavers neatly stacked on the side of the garage.

And for a little icing on the cake, Green Landscape Solutions had very competitive prices. We got quotes from three different contractors and Freddy's quote was the best bang for our buck. So if you're looking to install a deck or patio or for a little landscaping work, I highly recommend Green Landscape Solutions.

Have a lovely Friday and weekend!

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  1. i love your new patio, what a great addition to your house. great job! and i love the sandals in your outfit

  2. WOW! Your patio looks awesome now! Quite a transformation!

    Love the dress and I actually bought those earrings for a friend's bday :)

  3. Absolutely LOVING the outfit you put together! The dress is SO cute and the pop of color is just perfect.

  4. i'm loving the dress that you've picked out and your new patio and raised flower bed look fab! :) xx

  5. Everything about this post is fabulous. Your patio totally stole the show from that completely gorgeous outfit you styled. I'm in love with both!
    Hope you have a really awesome weekend!

  6. Your patio looks great! I know you are really enjoying it!
    Great dress and the pop of pink is perfect!


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