Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Beginnings of a Business

I'd like to interrupt my 2012 goals for a little sneak peak into my childhood. While we were in Cleveland for Christmas, I found this blast from the past:

Early promotions

That's right. It's my friendship bracelet catalog! The same one I referred to when answering the question, "What took me so long to start the business?"

Table of contents

Here's a sample of a page from my "catalog." Each page was a different style, with a small sample taped or stapled to the top of the page. I then listed the different color combinations, lengths, and prices of each item. And of course I made a big check mark when something sold!

And like a good little accountant, I had my change purse and some scratch paper for calculating my sales.

If this doesn't look like an entrepreneur in the making, I don't know what is :)

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  1. So cute! I had a friendship bracelet stand (think lemonade stand) with some of the neighborhood girls, so this post brings back memories. And I think it's true that innocent childhood "fun" can point to our true passions. You should see some of the stories I wrote when I was little haha...

  2. So cute, Cathy! Umm...can I order one?? haha

  3. Haha, I knew we were friends for a reason! When I was 11 my friends and I created an organization called "The Summer Club" (very original) and spent the summer doing bake sales, selling handmade jewelry, and I don't know what else, to raise money. I remember posting flyers for our jewelry sale around the neighborhood and I think the only person who came was my babysitter, but she bought about half of the things we'd made, haha. At the end of the summer we donated $100 to the local food bank. In high school I started my own version of the Babysitters' Club. I served as the main contact; parents would call me and I'd find one of our 12 sitters to take the job. I wasn't a very good businesswoman, though; people kept asking if I took a cut of the other babysitters' pay in exchange for getting them clients, but it had never occurred to me! I got enough sitting jobs myself, though, just because of the power of numbers, that it was totally worth it.


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