Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling Inspired

I like to pretend that I'm stylish, but I'm nothing compared to the many talented and stylish ladies filling the blogosphere with inspiring outfits like these:

A classic shirt with some flair thanks to her skirt.

Nautical and sparkles, what a combination
From jongenandmeisje

And then there's this combination of the classic blazer and chambray shirt with the girly sequined skirt.

From Casual Glamorous 

Do you see where I'm going with this? Yes, it's time to post about my new favorite sequined skirt for the third time! I've only worn it twice. On Christmas to eat brussel sprouts and then to my boss's after-holiday party. As you can see from above, I turned to Pinterest and other lovely style blogs for help.

1) Lauren by Ralph Lauren pearl earrings, 2) Kate Spade Flying Colors bracelet, 3) Chance striped tee,
4) Nine West pumps, 5) Ann Taylor sequin mini, 6) Rebecca Minkoff ostrich embossed Cupid,
7) J. Crew blazer, 8) Old Navy chambray shirt, 9) Rebecca Minkoff black MAB Mini w/ Strap
For this week's Friday's Fancies post, I picked a few classic pieces (black pumps, striped shirt) and punchy accessories (the persimmon bag) to create multiple outfits around the sequin mini.

If we're getting down to specific style blogs, I'm a huge fan of Kendi Everyday and her approachable style. She knows how to mix up an outfit like none other! Which is great for us ladies with a limited budget (remember Friday's Fancies is for fun!). I'm not brave enough for a 30 for 30 remix, but I use some of her tips for shopping my closet when I get into an outfit rut, especially when getting dressed for work.

I'm starting to think outside of the box when I get dressed in the morning. Which means moving beyond the cardigan + black pants + dress shoes formula. For example, I've added colored tights to the mix. And I've started to wear belts with cardigans. Nothing crazy, but those little changes have helped me try something new instead of giving up and buying new clothes.

Where do you look when you're in a style rut?

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  1. I love the whole sequins skirt denim top combo! It's so fun but chic!

  2. I can't tell you how much I have been crushing on the sparkly dressy skirt, with the classic's an obsession! I have yet to try the outfits out, but I have seen them around the blogosphere...and you might have provided me with just the inspiration today to wear the look! I found your blog via long distance loving's friday's fancies. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!!
    Twirling Clare

  3. Small steps like belts and colored tights can make a huge difference in breaking up an otherwise structured wardrobe! I am completely loving your sparkle skirts, who doesn't need one?!
    I love the stripes with the sparkles, it's so out there that it is almost silly yet it works perfectly.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  4. So fun and pulled together at the same time!

  5. I love the mix of the denim shirt and the sequined skirt! Great style! I'm a new follower via Friday's Fancies link up! PS - Love your etsy shop too!


  6. I love that first outfit!!! Sparkles are amazing!!! & that orange purse??? I wannnnnt it! My last Friday Fancies was all about orange because it is def my color crush right now! Have a nice weekend!!!

  7. The first look is my absolute favorite- I'm dying for that skirt! I love everything you picked out, you have great taste. xx

  8. Loving these outfits. You really can't go wrong with stripes, sequins and chambray! So, so nice to have met you this past weekend! I told B what you said about Graham Elliot and it is on our list! Hope to see you again soon!

  9. I wish I had a sequin skirt! That is one piece that is definitely missing from my wardrobe!

  10. love, love, LOVE the second inspiration photo - i want to put a look like that together in real life!

  11. sigh. the first photo = one of my favorite pins. I love how you recreated it :) I'm with you on the trying harder in the morning, though sometimes I'll admit I fail haha. so happy you've been a part of the Friday's Fancies family for so long! xoxo {av}

  12. I love these inspiration pics! Very cute :) I'm a new follower! Hope you're having a great weekend. xoxo, e


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