Monday, January 30, 2012

P-ART-Y Time

As I hinted last week, we hung some new art in the kitchen. What I didn't tell you was that we've been hanging all sorts of art around the house! John and I had an artsy fartsy Christmas and bought each other art or were gifted prints by our siblings.

I asked for some food-themed prints from Etsy seller anek for the kitchen. John picked out the rosemary, limoncello, and basil prints. The frames (with mats included) were on sale at Michael's for $17.50 each (plus tax).

The man cave got some artistic help from Pop Chart Lab. I gave John the beer print and my sister gave him the "Periodic Table of Heavy Metals." You'll also see an appearance by John's new Vital homebrew pint glasses and our new kegerator. Frames were purchased from Target for $17 each (plus tax).

John's sister and her husband gave me this Great Lakes print from Ork Posters. The only frame that fit the print at Michael's was black (on sale for $20.25 plus tax). I really wanted a white frame, so I had my first adventure in spray painting! And yes, I tweeted with @younghouselove about it due to Sherry's love of white spray paint.

I followed all of Young House Love's tips by spraying 8 to 10 inches away from the frame. And I sprayed light, even layers while constantly moving the can. Though I was a rebel and spray painted in our unfinished portion of the basement. With less than stellar ventilation. It's winter in Chicago, there's no way I was doing this outside with the snow!

My only beef was that a tiny can of spray paint from Michael's wasn't enough. Sure it was only $1.80 using a coupon (plus tax), but it only got me 3 thin layers of paint. If this happens to you, make sure you take note of the "recoat window." I could continue to spray paint with another tiny can as long as it was within an hour or over 48 hours. Since I was spray painting at night, I had to wait two days before I could add another coat. I ran out and got the full-sized can from Ace Hardware ($4.50 plus tax) to finish the job once the two days were up.

And here it is, proudly hanging in our bedroom!

House progress had been pretty stagnant for a while, so I'm glad we finally have something to share!

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